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Public Transportation

For taking the bus or subway in Daejeon, it is advisable to buy a T-money card. The card fare is slightly lower than the cash fare, and up to three transfers on other public transportation mode are permitted within 30 minutes after checking out. This card must be charged before it can be used which can be done in convenience stores and subway stations.


There is one subway line in Daejeon. The total length of the track is 20.51㎞ and there are 22 stations. Travel time for a complete (from one end to the other) journey is 40 minutes.

Operating Hours: 5:30~00:12 (Interval: every 10 min / rush hours: every 5 min)


Buses are boarded at the front and exited from the door in the mid-section. If using a travel card, scan it over the card reader when boarding and disembarking. A cash box is next to the card reader for cash payment. Exact fare is not required as the bus driver gives change. The city of Daejeon has developed an intelligent transportation system, which informs the arrival time of the next available bus through a computer monitor installed at each bus stop.


One may find taxis from the various taxi stations scattered around Daejeon, or simply flag one down that is marked “Empty” in red light from the side of a road. The current starting fare is 2,800won for the first 2km, and the total fare is calculated by the distance travelled and time taken. A late night rate with a 20% increase of the basic and subsequent fares is applicable from midnight to 4am.

Inter-city and Express Buses

It is easy to use cross-country or express buses when traveling long distance. Tickets are sold at the departing bus terminal or on the internet at


There are three kinds of trains currently in operation: the Korea Train Express(KTX), the Super-Express Saemaeul-ho and Express Mugunghwa-ho. Advance purchase is recommended on weekends and holiday, as tickets during these days tend to sell out quickly.

There are two train stations in Daejeon. Trains from Daejeon Station depart for Seoul, Gwangju, Dong East Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, and Pohang. It takes approximately 50 minutes to reach Seoul and 90 minutes for Busan on the KTX. Seo-daejeon Station provides train services to the Jeolla-do area.

More information and tickets can be found on

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