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Bank account

Bank in Hildesheim

Before the start of the classes at the University of Hildesheim, there is an orientation week by the International office for helping foreign students to complete all formal procedures for their stay in Germany. At that time, a staff from th Sparkasse, this is the bank located on the  Hildesheim campus, will come to register you. So, you could open a bank account easily. 

Bank in Korea

Korean students get the grant from the GLOMIS program via their Korean bank account. So, they need to get a global debit card which is issued by the Korean bank. Usually, the commission for getting  money by using cash services in a foreign bank is quite expansive ( $ 3 + 1% of the withdrawn money per each time ). However, If you use the shinhan global debit card, you could save money. Advantages to use this card is shown below :

  • If you register as an international student, you can get a discount of 50% from the remittance charge when you get money from a foreign country.
  • Also, a part of the commission is free ( You have just to pay the 1% commission of the  withdrawn money )
  • Shinhan bank  >>