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Visa & Health Insurance

Visa Information

The Republic of Korea concluded with Austria and Germany a Visa Agreement regulation the entry of German and Austrian citizens to Korea. According to this agreement people coming to Korea for a study more than 90 days need a long stay vias of the tpye D2(Study).

You can apply for this at the Concluate in charge for your city of residence. For Hildesheim and its neighbourhood this is the consulate in Hamburg.

You could check more detailed information about korea-VISA through link below.

Health Insurance Information

As a foreign student in Korea, you have to have valid health insurance. There are the nation insurance and some companies who offer health insurance for people who live abroad. In Korea, they provide 70% about treatment fee. It means you have to pay 30% out of total treatment fee. Beside, when you use your right for insurance, you should apply a insurance service to companies without the nation insurance(the nation insurance provide discount about treatment fee). 

The nation insurance :

Some insurance companies : 

For German students, they normally are member of a legal health insurance company (Gesetzliche Krankenkasse) or by their parents they are members of a private health insurance company (Private Krankenversicherung). Some of these companies covers the health costs abroad or will cover these cost by a low additional rate for the current health insurance. You should check this point with your personal health insurance. If the health costs cannot be covered by your personal


See the Vit24 – Website for checking different companies (graded sehr gut (0,9) by Stiftung Warentest) :