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Useful Information > Germany > Cost of living in Germany

Cost of living in Germany

Korean Students who complete their second year at the University of Hildesheim will be accommodated in a dormitory. The room in the dormitory will be provided by the International Office of the University.  Usually, the room in the dormitory is available from the start of the winter semester (1st October) or the summer semester (1st March) on. You may plan to come a few days before the start of the new semester. In this case you have to inform the International Office ore your contact person at Hildesheim how many days you plan stay in the dormitory before the start of the new semester. For these days you have to pay an extra fee. All fees to live in Germany are listed below : 

  •  Dormitory : 230 - 250 Euro / month
  •  Dormitory : 10 – 15 Euro / 1 day.
  • Dormitory deposit : one month’s rent. The deposit is refunded at the end of the stay
  • Insurance tax : at about 81 Euro / month.
  • Student card which include public transportation cost :  at about 300 Euro / 6 month.