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Student Life > Pai Chai University > Campus Map

Campus Map

1. 21st Century Hall (P)

This five story building was constructed in 1999 and contains the university gym (B1), Concert Hall, National Bank (1F), the administrative department (2F), tourism and culture faculty (3F), foreign languages faculty (4F), and society and business faculty (5F).

2. Main Entrance Information Center

Visitors can purchase parking tickets here.

3. Parking Lot

4. Arts Hall (College of Arts) (Y)

5. Kim’s Garden

6. Horticulture Lab

7. Appenzeller Memorial Hall (AM)

8. International Exchanges Hall (G)

Graduate school office is located in here

9. Baeksan Hall (B)

10. Tennis Court and Mini-Soccer Field 

11. SeoJaepil Hall (F)

12. PAITEL (Dorm) (PA-female, PB-male)

13. Jiphyeon Hall (Dorm-male)

14. Pond

15. Mokryun Hall (Dorm-male)

16. Central Library (L) & PCU Museum

17. Outdoor Theatre

18. Student Army Office (R)

19. Woonam Hall (W)

20. Appenzeller Hall (A)

21. Natural Science Hall (J)

22. Howard Hall (H)

23. Student Clubs (MC)

24. Tiger House-PCU Soccer Team's Dorm

25. IT Hall (C)

The information science and engineering departments with numerous number of computer laboratories can be found in this building.

26. Back Gate

27. Sowol Hall (S)

28. Kimokyun Hall (K)

29. Jaju Square

30. Sowolgak Pagoda

31. Howard Memorial Hall (HM)

32. Parking Lot

33. Yeonjajeong

34. Playground

35. Middle Gate

36. in construction