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Cost of living in Korea

Accommodation fee

Normally, there are two option of accommodation in Korea. One is to stay in dormitory, the other one is stay in a one-room(studio) apartment. There are two types of rooms in dormitory: A type where four people live together in one room and and a type where six people live together in two rooms( three people in one room). One-room(studio apartment) is to live one person in one room.

  •   Dormitory Rent : per One semester : €450 - €550 / 3 months
      (There is no extra fee(Tax))
  •  One-room(studio apartment) Rent : €250 - €300 / month
     (Extra fee(Tax) : €30 - 50)

Public Transportation System

There is a special system for public transportation in Korea. A transportation card is needed to use this system. This card can be used for all public transportation facilities in Korea. You must charge this card with money. This can be done on any subway station and  in  many shops located  nearby a bus station. You pay your transportation fee by putting the to the electronic device installed at the entry of a subway station or in the bus you will take. If you change between the subway and a bus or between two buses within 30 minutes you may use the second  bus or the subway for free or for a low price(€0.10 - €0.30 )