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Useful Information > Germany > How to go to Hildesheim

How to go to Hildesheim

From The Airport in Hannover

There is a S-Bahn to go form Hannvover Airport to Hannover-Hbf ( main station ) in Airport in Hannover. You have to take a train S-5 and then take off in Hannover-Hbf. Than, you have to take an other train to go to Hildehseim. You could take the following trains:  S-3 (destination Hildesheim) , S-4(destination Hildesheim, RE-10 (destination Goslar) to go to Hildesheim. You take off at Hildesheim-Hbf. Normally, you will be in touch with a buddy or an other contact person who will attend you at Hildesheim Hbf and who will bring you to your dormitory.