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In the normal case the International Office of the University of Hildesheim will book for you a room in one of the dormitories in Hildesheim. This is a good and cheap option to live nearby the university and it is quite common in Germany. The price for a room in a dormitory vary between 220€ and 300€ including all additional costs.

Examples for typical dormitories are:

Wohngemeinschaft (WG)

Most students in Germany leave their hometown for the study and need a new place to live. For these students there is an other option that you should know. Many of students share a flat with other students. This is called a "Wohngemeinschaft" (WG). Every person has their own room and roommates share a bathroom and kitchen and some time also a living room. As a student, a shared apartment is more affordable than having your own flat. The price for a room in a Wohngemeinschaft may vary between 200 and 350 €. If you also want to experience life in a typical Wohngemeinschaft with German students, you may check out :

( But many rooms in a Wohngemeinschaft are rent only by little notices at the campus of the University of Hildesheim. )