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GLOMIS Curriculum > Pai chai University > Application


- Information for application and admission procedures will be posted on the university web site about three months before the spring and the fall semester begin 

- A four-year university bachelor's degree holder in Korea or abroad - The more eligible in English, the better; but the most important point is the degree of the applicant’s determination and enthusiasm for study.

To encourage quality students to participate in the GLOMIS, the Korea Research Foundation provides two to three students per year the attractive grants as follows:

* All expenses for the student mobility to participants in workshops with European partner universities (U, of Graz, Austria and Hildesheim U., Germany).

* Round trip tickets to Austria or Germany

* Monthly scholarship to stay in Austria or Germany for a maximum of 11 months.
(Up to ₩1,000,000/per month)

* Faculty and Student Mobility