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Useful Information > Korea > How to go the PCU

How to go to PCU

Most people who comes from a foreign country come to Korea will arrive at Incheon International Airport. There are 2-ways to go to Deajeon from Inchon Airport. One first one is by the bus, The second one is by the train(KTX).   For more details see :   

By the BUS

The bus station( 9C - 10C ) to go to Deajeon is located outside the arrival hall of Inchon  Airport. There is a bus approximately each 30 minutes. First departure time is at 6:00 a.m and last departure time is at 23:30 a.m. Yo can get tickets at the bus station.  At this station there are busses to different destinations. The destination of the bus is marked in Korean and English at the front of the bus. It takes three hours to go to Deajeon from Airport. The bus fare is 23,100won (about 20 Euro ).

By the Train (KTX)

There is a train(KTX) station in other building. For going to there, you should go to under ground 1F in airport. And then, you can go to other building via passageway between airport and other building. It takes 1:30 hours to go to Deajeon. The train fare is 36,100won ( at about 28 Euro ). And department time to go to Deajeon is like to :

  • 06 : 55  /  09 : 07  /  09 : 38  /  12 : 07  /  12 : 50  /  15: 50  /  16 : 30  /  18 : 35  /  20 : 35