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Integrated Information System

Before the semester starts, you will have to register the classes through the Integrated Information System. The system also shows schedule for the entire semester, enables students to use Wi-Fi network in the school, confirm grade, etc. But you are going to need Korean students’ help since the contents of the system is provided only in Korean.

How to Access to the System :

  • Integrated Information System  >>
  • In order to Log-in to the system, you need to enter your given student ID and password.    
  • To use the free Wi-Fi system, you will have to register your device by the PCs only in school campus.

E-campus System

E-campus System is an integrated education system of Chungbuk National University. The website provides you information regarding announcements, timetable, syllabus, exams, assignments, and also related material for each class. In order to fully.

How to Access to the System :

  • E-campus System  >>
  • You need to enter your given student ID and password. But first, please change the language to English by clicking the sphere icon on the left-top.    
  • After you logged-in, you can see ‘My Courses’ category, which displays all of your registered course. Click to see related information for each class.