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LSF is the German abbreviation for Lehre – Studium – Forschung and means Teaching, Studying and Research. The LSF is the central web information system of our university. Here you can prepare your schedule, register for courses and exams and administrate your studies. So in the next few passages we will give you step by step instructions on the LSF.

How to find the system?

  • At first please go to the universities’ homepage:
  • Click on the menue point "Students", then a drop-down menue will appear
  • Select Vorlesungsverzeichnis as shown in the screen shot below
  • The hyperlink will forward you to the system’s page: ----noch verlinken----


For logging in please use your PWA login and password. In case of questions or problems please contact the Computer Center. For further information please read the section Rechenzentrum (Computer Center).


After you logged in, you will see your LSF-Account. On the grey bar above the menu you will see your name and your course of study. Under this bar you will see five menu points: "My Functions", "Courses", "Orgunits", "Facilities" and "Persons". When clicking on them a navigation menu will open at the left. Let’s see what is behind the points.

"My Functions"

As the title of the section says, this is your personal administration area of the system. Here you can:

  1. check your modules
  2. schedule your timetable
  3. see the dates of your exams
  4. find the archive of study reports of all semesters you have been matriculated at the University of Hildesheim
  5. look at the reservation statistics of certain classes and upload your student works

In this section you can search the courses you want to register for. Here you have two opportunities:

You can choose your courses from the course overview of your faculty. In this case you will have to choose the Faculty of Linguistics and Information Science. In the section "Learnweb" we will explain which courses are relevant for your studies and how to proceed in course reservation in general.

The second option you have is simply to search the courses by their title or course number

Additionally to this, you can look up if courses have been canceled or changed and you will find a list of courses by all faculties on each day as well as all exams at that current day.


If you want to find a professors full name, his contact data or his working place, you can do it by "Persons search" in the section "Persons".

When clicking on the search button an electronic form will appear. Now, you only need to fill in the data you already know about the person you are looking for and submit the data by selecting "Start Search". In just a few seconds the search tool will find all persons at the university who share the same data you filled in and you will have to choose the right one. When you have finally found the right person, you can either just look up the information or print it, if necessary.


Now that you know about the basic functions of the LSF, we can proceed to more interesting things – the scheduling of your timetable. Please note that the following explanation is just an example! Your own timetable does not necessarily have include the same courses!

We will show you:

  1. how to find a course
  2. how to enroll for a course in the LSF
  3. how to save the course in your timetable

In the beginning of your studies in Germany your schedule will look pretty empty, just like this one:

You can fill it by enrolling for courses.