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Useful Information > Austria > Visa, Health Insurance

Visa, Health Insurance


  1. Citizens from EU/EEA member states and Switzerland :
    do not have to apply for a visa or residence permit. They need a valid travel document (passport) for their entry to Austria. However, if you plan to stay in Austria longer than 3 months, you need a so-called ‘Anmeldebescheinigung’ (confirmation of registration). You can apply for it after your arrival in Graz. The process must be completed within the first 4 months of your stay.

  2. Non EU- or EEA-citizens staying in Austria for a time period of up to 6 months :
    need a visa and must apply for it via the Austrian embassy in their home country. Please contact the Austrian embassy/consulate in your country of residence to find out which application documents are required. Once your entire application for admission arrives at the IRO of the University of Graz, you will receive a visa confirmation letter from the Austrian exchange coordinator which you can present at the embassy/consulate when applying for the visa. Note that visas can NOT be applied for in Austria and can NOT be extended in Austria. 

    students holding a US or Canadian passport and studying at US or Canadian universities coming to University of Graz for their mobility semester in the context of a mobility program, can apply for the visa after arrival at the Austrian embassy in Ljubljana (SI). In this case trips must be arranged for the students to enter the Schengen Area in Austria (Vienna or Graz)! The process must be completed within the first 90 days of entry into the Schengen Area.

  3. Non EU- or EEA-citizens staying in Austria for more than 6 months :
    need a residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) which can be obtained from the Austrian embassy/consulate in your country of residence. Please contact us in good time for us to provide you with the confirmation of your acceptance to the University of Graz.


  1. Students from EU/EEA-countries who are insured : 
    need to bring their European Health Insurance Card with them, which can be obtained from their insurance companies in their home countries. However, as the range of health coverage varies from country to country, you should find out about your insurance benefits before you leave for Graz. You have to take the European Health Insurance Card with you when you consult a doctor. In case you get a prescription for some medication you have to pay a small prescription fee per medicine.

  2. Students from NON-EU/EEA-countries, who are nominated for a full academic year stay as well as ISEP students nominated for both a semester or full-year stay : 
    have to register for the Austrian health insurance (at ‘Gebietskrankenkasse’ – GKK: For regular students the Austrian health insurance is offered for currently approx. € 55 per month including eye and dental coverage and medication during your stay in Graz. This insurance will not cover your journey to Graz including medical evacuation and repatriation or your return trip at the end of your stay – please make sure you purchase travel insurance accordingly. The non-recurring e-card fee is € 11. We will give you more detailed information about the Austrian health care system during orientation and we will help you to fill out the application form. After you have registered with GKK, you will receive an insurance card which you have to take with you when you consult a doctor. If you get a prescription from a doctor, you will have to pay a small prescription fee for the medication. Should you need to be hospitalized most of the arising costs are covered by the GKK, but a small fee has to be paid by the patient! GKK insurance also covers costs when you need to see a doctor during your travels in other European countries.