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Useful Information > Germany > Visa, Health Insurance

Visa, Health Insurance


You have to get the visa for Germany in Korea before you leave for Germany. You should prepare all documents to submit German embassy in English. It takes at least 1 month to get the visa. So, you need to apply early. In particular, you need

  • First, the invitation letter of the University of Hildesheim which certifies that you will be a regular student in Germany.
  • Second you need a proof of funding. For this you can get a support certification paper from Prof. Do Wan, Kim.
You could check more detailed preparation documents via the link below.

In Germany you have to register on the alien office to get the residence permit. This will be done during the orientation week for foreign students organized by the International Office at the beginning of each semester before the start of the classes.

Health Insurance

Before the start of the new semester, the International office of University of Hildehsheim will send you an e-mail to get some information about you in order to apply for you to the general health insurance in Germany (AOK). You should carefully answer this mail. Than, when you arrive at Hildesheim, you will get the AOK card which gives you access to the medical services.