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GLOMIS is a European – Korean Project to set up a common Joint Degree Program on Global Studies on Management an Information Science which will be implemented by the following partners:


•University of Hildesheim (UHI): 
Department of Information Science and Natural Language Processing
Master Degree Program: “International Information Management – Information Science” (IIM)
Prof. Dr. Christa Womser Hacker

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     Hildesheim Program Homepage  >>


•Karl-Franzens University of Graz (UGR):
Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics
Master Degree Program: “Business Administration” (BUA)
Prof. Dr. Christian Schlögl

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     Graz Program Homepage  >>


•Pai Chai University (PCU): Department of Information and Communication Engineering Master Degree Program: “Computer Science” (CS)

Prof. Dr. Do Wan Kim

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•Chungbuk National University (CBNU):

Department of Management Information Systems

Master Degree Program: “Management Information Systems” (MIS)

Prof. Dr. Sang Wok Kim

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The profound analysis of information processes in modern technological environments requires heterogeneous methodological approaches (technical, human, psychological, organizational, social, economic) and holistic reasoning from several points of view. The continuing globalization of information processes and the use of information technology in international organizations and for global cooperation ask for the integration of an international perspective into the study of information systems and processes.

Therefore, the four partners agree to create a Joint Degree Program ”Global Studies on Management and Information Science” (GLOMIS) in which students are deeply familiarized with one basic perspective on information systems, in which they are taught a second somewhat distinct perspective and in which they are confronted with the international dimension by studying in a completely different learning culture.

The project is founded by the following Grants:


•European Union

ICI-Education Cooperation Program,

Agreement Number: 2013-3393/001-001



•National Research Foundation of Korea

Grant number: +8242-869-6114